/LOCATION: Brno, Czech republic

Assignment for summerhouse in school area where students between each lectures could enjoy free time.

Summerhouse defines a space 12x9m. The load bearing construction for ropes are making two columns and three steel cables. Columns with diameter 0,3m and 4,2m height are restraint into the concrete foundations in two opposite corners. Other than that they are stretching system of three steel cables with diameter 8mm and 17 m of length. Two cables on the side are fixed in to concrete foundation by steel knuckle and stretched over steel column in 4m height. Cable in the middle is fixed the same way but it is stretched by 100 cables with diameter 10mm. On three main cables steel elements are strung which allow rotational motion. Into these elements on the side are attached 10mm ropes by steel knuckle head and cotter pin. This detail allows movement as it is illustrated on the picture. Ropes in the middle part are passing through the elements.

The whole system in diagonal is going to create a cylinder shaped space with 3m height. In this area the seating furniture is installed with circle layout with different diameter and height.