/LOCATION: Horsent, Denmark

The triangular shape of this building is taken from the shapes of the surrounding area. The exterior lines of the facade follow the existing shape of the street and point toward the church at the centre. The shape of this building was also chosen as it optimised the space of the site.
The wooden panels used on the façade are contrasted with shades of white to give a simple, natural elegance to the building. These wooden panels, produced by Parklex, have many advantages such as acoustic, solar and thermal properties.

These materials are also used in the interior of the building. Accents of colour are used throughout the interior against the white walls and wooden flooring, giving the apartments a minimalistic design.
The floor plans have been designed to be open plan, divided by furniture only, allowing for flexibility of space.  The penthouses are divided between two levels with a large outdoor area on the roof top; these larger apartments are more suitable for families.

This building will be constructed using techniques which are kind to the environment. Sustainable aspects which will be incorporated into this building include passive solar design, sufficient insulation, naturally sourced materials and green areas.

This building will be constructed using materials which are easily accessible such as pre-fabricated concrete, steel and wooden panels. The floor plans are repeated for each apartment with the technical shafts positioned centrally allowing for simple construction and planning.