/LOCATION: Brno, Czech republic

The main subject of a school project was to create architecture study for new public gas station, which will be served for income, storage and outcome fuel for motor vehicles. Part of a gas station area has to be car wash with sewage water.


The main intention in design was to sensitively touch and fill the place with building link to the closest surrounding and make the design close to car industry as well. The idea was created of dividing a building into two levels. In first level was a bar connected to the upper parking and second level was a store with background with connection on gas station equipment.
The aim was to provide harmony between cars and people. As a try to illuminate the interior the window openings was created with wooden lamellas which provide a controlled amount of light coming inside and also a horizontal line which working well for esthetic appearance.


Site:                                       12455 m2
Built-up area:                         2500 m2
Area:             1st Floor            92,7 m2
                      2nd Floor        231,7 m2