cafe, trampoline, gym

/LOCATION: Brno, Czech republic

New building of free time center, which is integrated to surrounding of a local park in a context with structure of a city around.

The main intention in design was to sensitively touch and fill the place with building link to the closest surrounding. The idea of making a connection on pedestrian communication on eastern area between terrace houses, which is pointing to busy bus stop. By this line and Plachty street was the building geometrically made on purpose to leave the park and to create certain public space for spending free time. By this distribution two parts are made. Hall part with gym, dressing room and gym for extreme sports, where trampolines, u-ramp, and pool with foam cubes are dominated. In second part there is café with polyfunctional rooms and mediatheque for watching movies, playing games or making small presentations. In front of Café there is created amphitheater and space for placing terrace in the summer time.
Other main thing was to create easy movement for people, bikes or baby-carriages and so on.

Site:                                                 33000 m2
Built-up area:                                    4600 m2
Area:                    Sport part             2300 m2
                                      Café              270 m2