exhibition space, galery, workshops

/LOCATION: Brno - Medlanky, Czech republic

The main subject of the diploma project was to create architecture study for new building of a Gallery for sport aircrafts and their traditions and other equipment that cooperate with this topic. The Gallery is designed in Brno´s Medlanky municipality and it is incorporated on current local sport airport. This project was preceded by studio project on the same area, which included reconstruction and development of this airport area. In this diploma project I was trying to continue with this development and establish a design which would react to my earlier design. The site has a sloped character and it separated from a dense city area.

Starting point for the design was to gently touch the landscape and also trying to find certain references directly in the closest surrounding. From the views to surrounding was created the idea to preserve the horizontal lines and with a landscape and constructions demands was created the main idea to continue with the landscape over the spatial structure. The need to cover large-scale exhibit items like aircrafts and other items from this topic led to a starting point of my design. The structure is formed as a spatial truss structure and dominates the exhibition space.

Building is connected by program and structure to services and other areas like conference hall, coffee, study room, work room and administration. As a one building it teems mainly from arrival at the airport area when the roofing is an organic, monolithic surface disappearing in surrounding. But gallery itself emerges from the ground and opens towards the aircraft take off and departure area where it is also direction of a main view to the surrounding. The building is also unique for its entering, such as the main entrance through narrow staircase gap in the roof. This entrance should evoke to people an aircraft landing, where while descent plane dive in to the clouds and appear underneath above a whole new landscape. Thus a person sore in to the roof surface and appear above the landscape which is represented by the gallery space.