exhibition space,restaurant, hotel

/LOCATION: Dolni Kounice, Czech republic

New functional use was solved with trying to comply clients’s ideas as much as it was possible and create the best conditions for his interest. One of the main requirements was to create enough public and exposition spaces, conferencing and multifunctional rooms. These rooms in dominance was placed in castle palace in second, third and fourth floor. Courtyard and surrounding of castle palace are counts also as public spaces.


For the most part it is creating a use of castle spaces and floor plans certain qualities to prevent collision of functions. However in castle especially in courtyard were created a specific construction for roofing this courtyard. Roofing is strong for its organic shape and without interference it fits perfectly into these spaces. Roofing is continuing in to well which is on the courtyard. This element should improve castle spaces and its qualities bring on the next level. Over the fact that the courtyard will be covered, the element acts lightly and allows the sun come into these cold places. The air conditioning is needed.


There was an effort to sensitively but undisturbed touch the castle spaces and keep the atmosphere of past. Also effort create few elements which would bring this place to the next level and make it more attractive which could bring more visitors to the castle. In interiors there were created few new walls, some of them were moved away or there were made few new openings especially two elevator shafts. Other changes were made in the basement as moving out an arch. With this touch was created better access around elevator into the basement. Old bastion was restored with new added stairs.  Outside the castle itself it was created new extension of technical rooms and so on in idea moving castle walls inside. At last as a new entrance to the castle area there were created new stairs inside in idea to not destroy the outside look of the castle walls or whole castle as a one piece.


Castle interiors will be depending on the current exhibition. Hotel will be designed in minimalistic style and room’s spaces will be as open as possible. Roofing of the courtyard will be made by steel construction with transparent ETFE foil.  Stone or concrete exterior floor will be completed with grass. Outside extension with technical rooms will have exposed concrete façade.