housing, public, privat, comercial space

/LOCATION: Brno, Czech republic

Diference between old dense house area spreding into latest block of flats on southwest.

Terrein condition were a bit difficult since the difference between sides were up tu 30 meters.

Sun was a critical factor in this design since the plot is sloped in east direction. In the afternoon panel flats creating a crtitical light condition as a sun barier.

Sun model from 6:00 am tu 10:00 pm in 10th of March.

The best connection to roads around is from west side from Novolisenska street which is a main connection to center of Brno. From east side is a bit difficult since the plot is surround by dense housing however connection is made so the movement through and around is easier.

West side is a bit difficult with walk access since there is only one crossing in southwest side of the area. From east there is a few walk connections that could be used as lead for extension for new.

The urban area is placed in between old and new parts of area and due to the difficulties of terrain heights it wasn't a best idea to use current houses as a lead in connection in the design. There were few small possibilities where we could continue to keep the flow of the area such as in the north part

From north side our plot is surrounded by forest that can be use for recreation purposes. The rest of the area is covered with small areas of common vegetation which in most cases will be removed. In south area significant types will be held for future parks and gardens purposes.