/LOCATION: Novy Jicin, Czech republic

Aim of this assignment was to organize and modify current space for young four-member family. Whole floor used to serve as a guest room or waiting room for a dentist, who has apartment and office in different floor so bathroom was very limited and there wasn’t any shower or hot water.
In the design were many limits such as bearing walls, current drain pipe, and chimney or to keep a wall with nice old sliding door from 30´s between kitchen and living room.


Apartment was divided in two main areas by entrance hall and bathroom. On one side are two bedrooms in a quiet zone when everybody can sleep, read or study etc. and on the other is living room with kitchen and dining room where everyday life can be shared in family. Bathroom behind entrance is suited just for basic needs and owner asked.

Kitchen design was kept in a minimalistic way with simple lines and hidden handles from a side. As an accent was used Thonet´s chair in sort of 30´s feeling initiated with current sliding doors. Black color should amplify the neatness of the kitchen and cooperate with future equipment.