/Workshop & festival @ HELLOWOOD 2014
/LOCATION: Csorompuszta, Hungary

Team leaders: Oliver Sales & Bence Pap


Hellowood is an international workshop celebrating wood, seeking sustainable and replicable models for achieving social benefits and improving quality of life through architecture and design. This year for a fifth time managed to create an event which contains 14 projects and 150 people from 30 countries.


For one week I had got the chance to work among a wonderful people at Hellowood workshop and be a part of a great team. At the beginning we had no exact concept, just a rough idea from our leaders that we developed together through sketching, talking, eating and drinking. As the week went by we manage to come to gether from 9 strange people with one pile of wood to one hell of a team with a full build concept. This lead to our experience where we raised up a stabil inner structure core with a several platforms all covered it by lightweight skin with a gradient pattern which sort of balancing on the top.

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