Proposal was created for the conceptual contest "Města bez smogu" /"Towns without smog"/ 2013 in Czech Republic.

The purpose of the contest was to design an object situated in public space, made of concrete produced from cement with photo-catalytic properties. So the object utilizes TX Active technology, catches the dust and clears the air.
The competition aims to raise awareness about how to use technology TX Active in modern urban architecture.


The cube opens just enough to allow you to enter and reveals an undiscovered hidden utopia inside. Stealthily you enter this realm and the door closes firmly behind you. As you enter the pavilion you become lost in a womb of sheer blackness. Your eyes adjust slowly as you acclimatize to this surreal inviting darkness and as you feel the gentle waft of cool air and warm sunrays brush your skin, you realise you are in a magical world. An air of tranquil relaxation invades all senses...