The new, optimized kitchen should have a fully integrated design and provide a comfortable space for two to prepare meals. He's trying to escape clutter in all forms so he's hoping to gain more and smarter storage. We supposed to bright space with a thoughtful lighting scheme.
All elements of the kitchen were free to change as long as they do not have major plumbing, electrical or HVAC implications or involve moving walls. Budget guideline was USD 30,000.

The kitchen we created meets the client’s conditions in all matters – the usage of space to ease cooking; the used materials to ease cleaning; and better lighting for the joy of being in the kitchen. We kept our design modern and elegant in its simplicity.
More open and closer to hand were our main aims, yet there is enough space to work whether you’re preparing a sandwich or cooking for a dinner party.
We created plenty of space to pass through the kitchen straight to the living room - so easy to move around quick. As we tried to not only solve the kitchen problem by only changing the actual cabinet but we took the room as a whole, we also decided to smoothly boost up the experience and usefulness of the kitchen and flat design by changing the ceiling and the closet door in the entrance hall.

Due to the position of the piping, we kept the kitchen layout very similar to its previous. In order to create more storage space in the design of the kitchen we used narrower appliances. This means more space flexibility in the kitchen. Three pull-out shelves from the ceiling have added much more storage space for the owner. The comfortable sliding down and up is enabled by little electro-engine. The shelf on far right is intended to use as a bar, alias wine and spirits storage. As it slides down it lands just above the original up to 1200mm long pull-out table with four stored chairs. The closet door was changed to 700mm sliding door which helped to create extra room for shoe storage and jacket hangers, again our original storage system.

Basic structure of kitchen - laminated wood. All the doors and faceplates - matte frosted glass. Cook cover – white matte ceramic glass. Black edging – black brushed stainless steel sheet. Kitchen desk and sink will be from corian. Floor – sandstone.

In the ceiling - LED lights behind diffuser panels. Lighting on the kitchen desk – LED line.

/KITCHEN WALL from left:

  • Sliding drawer: divided into two parts, accessible from the side, easy to use
  • Refrigerator: built-in (Liebherr SICN 3066 Integrated Refrigerator / Freezer)
  • Sink, kitchen desk and backsplash : custom made as one element from corian to skip joints
  • Kitchen faucet (Grohe K7 F-Digital)
  • Dishwasher: 45cm built-in (Whirlpool ADG 7500/2). On the top of the kitchen desk above the dishwasher we made a 4mm slim gutter which leads to sink as a small dish rack.
  • Oven + microwave built-in (SIEMENS HB84E562). We replaced the faceplate of the oven with smart glass. It would keep the same white design as the whole kitchen, until it gets electrical impulse by pressing the button to turn into transparent glass while baking food in the oven.
  • Cooktop (SIEMENS EP616PB81E) burners are hidden under the ceramic glass cook cover. If turned off the cover provides more work space.
  • Hood (CONCEPT OPV 3260)
  • Pull-out table hidden with chairs.
  • All the rest is storage for placing dishes and goods.