/LOCATION: Plzen, Czech republic

Duality is a concept as old as the mankind. Day and night. Good and evil. Yin and yang,
male and female.

„Modus et tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis”
(fashion and times are changing and we are changing in them)

What was fashionable in the Middle Ages may not apply to our age. Times and fashions change. Can you imagine the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew in Pilsen with two towers? At the front façade there once stood two towers, or may have. The south tower, damaged during a fire in 1525, was capped off at the height of the adjoining nave. Contemporary taste since the initial design and construction in the 1300’s has changed and thus only one tower remained. But what if twin towers were in vogue again? How would the other one look like? Let’s try to at least imagine it...


In sense of current architecture, which don’t use any decorativeness and it express itself by clear shapes, was created a priority of simple cuboid shape. This simplicity and form clearness serves as an instrument for highlighting the amount of gothic elements and as a contrast pointing to presents of historic monument.
New design was created by abstraction using pixelating the old tower in conviction that the past would have been built the two towers the same way and symmetric. This idea is made by perforated corten façade, which will support the illusion of two same towers.


In whole interior part are exhibition spaces with triangles floors. These floors optically enlarge interior and release part of walls, on which can be place large-scale posters or paintings till the size approximately 9x9 m.


Farm produce, healthy trees without of diseases, pollination varied urban greenery, nature support and many other benefits that bees can bring to this area. Other than that, in city there isn’t risk of poisoning them from fertilizers and honey has the same good quality. Due to the ideal location of the cathedral in the city center, bees have close distance to the trees and other greenery, also the Republic Square is surrounded by several parks (Šafaříkovy, Kopeckého, Smetanovy, sady 5. května and others). Bee keeping has become a fashion trend in big cities like New York, Paris or London. The idea was created according to beekeepers in New York, to use the top of the roof for the placement of bee hives that promote urban ecosystem. One hive has a ground dimension approx. 50x40cm, and the height can expand by adding boxes. Number of bees per bee hive is approx. 10,000 to 50,000 and the number is growing, depending on the season.


They were chose two main materials based on pixel abstraction existing tower. As a main façade material was chosen corten plate, which can approximately replace the shade of whole cathedral. Secondary material was chosen copper, which is used on as a façade material inside of the view as a transferred symbol of the roof side of the existing tower.
According to pixels the certain corten plates are performed by holes with size depending on amount of black in pixel color. These holes will create many different degrees of darkness on façade. This idea will be supported during the night hours by LED backlighting where the holes will regulate the amount of light coming through.


Simple shape completed by vertical line and wrap the top of the attic.




presentation panel